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Tailor made active cycling events for employees, customers, suppliers - A fresh (back) wind in offering professional hospitality - Networking in an active way - We aim at groups between 15 and 30 people for the most fun and efficient set-up of these events.


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Some cycling events we initiated

KRC Genk

The KRC Genk board had the crazy idea to support the team by cycling to the game in Esch-sur-Alzette for the European Qualifier game against Fola Esch.

We supported a 2-day ride and organised the ride, the hotel, the feed stations, the pace-car and more!

See the movie here

Photo blog day one, Genk - Harzé


Carglass needed an active event to create inspiration for innovating ways in which customers reach their representatives within Carglass.

We gave them a fun cycling event with good food & drinks before, during and after and a small competition to end the day with.

By approaching this event in an active way more stories were told, many conversations took place and lots of ideas were developed. 

Maasmechelen Village

Maasmechelen Village hosted a charity ride for parents of kids who lost their life a traffic accident. 

We supported this ride to the Belgian coast and back: good for a solid 449 kilometers of perseverance in unimaginable conditions!

See the ride here

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