Lumberjack meets Strade Bianche

Besides our upcoming Lumberjack summer edition we do keep the pedals still. Cause soon Lumberjack will meet the Strade Bianche!

On August 1st one of the heaviest one day races takes place in Tuscany. Impossible for us here in Belgian-Tuscany to let this go by unnoticed. Just like the official race we will follow the 30% gravel and 70% asphalt principle. After the ride we cheer on our brave Belgian pro's, to be followed on the big screen from on our panoramic patio.


- 8.00 am: coffee time
- 8.30 am: start of the 95km
- 10.30 am: start of the 55km
- 1.00 pm: Roubaix-shower refreshment
- 1.30 pm: Lunch (Spaghetti Baroudeur OR Spaghetti Coureur)
- 3.00 till 5.30 pm: Strade Bianche final on big screen
- Onwards: have another beer (or two) to enjoy the start of the long awaited 2020 cycling season