Shortest Night, Mystic Ride

Do you prefer the bike or the bed during the shortest night of the year? See the sun set and rise in one ride with 2 mystical stops through the night. Experience this unique experience in pelotons at different speeds.

We ride in groups of 3 different speeds. The least fast group will ride about 140 kilometers, the fastest group about 160 kilometers. On the way there are 2 mystical stops with 1 hot and 1 cold ravito.


From 19.00 pm 'coureurs meal', whereafter you can pick up a Raceviz fluo-jacket with live music playing in the background.

21.56 pm departure @Café Coureur in pelotons of about 30 riders, accompanied by 2 guides.

12.00 am first mystical stop with midnight snack.

03.00 am Second mystical stop with ravito.

05.27 am arrival at Café Coureur with possibility to have breakfast and possibly a nap before you go home.

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