Café du Cycliste Merino Breton Cycling Socks

by: Café du Cycliste

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In our opinion, it’s hard to beat the feeling of putting on a pair of snug merino cycling socks to go out riding on a crisp, clear day. The Cafe du Cycliste Merino Breton Socks not only feel supremely comfortable but add some of the charming continental style Cafe clothing is renowned for with their distinctive Breton stripes.

These merino rich socks are surprisingly versatile too - as well as being warm enough for colder weather riding, the merino’s thermoregulating properties also make them suitable for warmer weather riding as they will efficiently wick moisture, breathe and dry quickly when the temperatures rise.

The socks are lightweight and super soft and use an anti-blister yarn for a top drawer riding experience.

Type: Socks

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