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The co-founding partner of Café Coureur is Bioracer, the world leader in cycling clothing.
Bioracer's DNA can be summed up in two words: speed and Belgian. Bioracer is respected worldwide for its many innovations and can rightly be proud of its status as the most acclaimed cycling clothing brand at World Championships and Olympic Games. One of its values is inclusiveness.



the co-founding partner of Café Coureur

The clothing that Bioracer designs for top athletes in all cycling disciplines are made accessible to all active cyclists. Café Coureur fits in with Bioracer's wish to be close to active cyclists. Café Coureur is the place where the wide cycling community meets before, during and after riding. In a beautiful place, where cycling is king and the cyclist is emperor.

Belgium is the cradle of cycling. This is also the case for cycling cafes. Bioracer dreams of bringing the authentic cycling experience of Café Coureur to beautiful places in the world, where people share our passion for cycling, where cycling is part of their culture and of their lives. Places where cyclists share their stories. It's your ride. Share it!


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