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Hotel Borgloon


Limburg is known as the cycling province with Haspengouw as the ultimate public favourite.

Haspengouw is the second largest fruit region in Europe. You can cycle and walk between blossoms and fruit, enjoy enchanting castles, beautiful square farms and quiet villages, join in the celebrations during the blossom festivals and of course taste all the goodies. Boredom is out of the question!

Borgloon, the pearl of Haspengouw!

See the remains of the medieval city walls, visit the richly decorated town hall from 1680, the St. Odulfus Church and

the Kanunik House. The Fortress Hill provides beautiful views.

However, the absolute eye-catchers are the Stroopfabriek, Doorkijkkerkje (reading between the lines), the monastery of Cohlen and the ancient Chapel of Helshoven.



Sightseeing Haspengouw


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